Jim McElvaney

Jim McElvaney is an amazing artist who’s dark, surrealistic style is beginning to make some serious waves. Jim has an ability to produce pieces of work that portray haunting definition and clarity whilst retaining a cold, blurred, disjointed feel to them. This is achieved by hiding certain aspects of the human face that we as people associate with communication such as eyes, mouths, foreheads and eye brows whilst painting other aspects of the face such as noses and teeth with disturbing precision which in tern lulls you and in and then turns its back on you.

For anyone living in Brighton, there is an exhibition on the 30th September – 23nd October where Jim will be feature some of his new work and with a series of big shows coming up and an exhibition in South Korea I strongly urge you get yourselves down there and see one of the UKs top, up and coming artists push the boundaries.

Here is a promo video that features a few of his pieces along with an amazing soundtrack produced by Ben Chandler who is smashing the sound design scene at the moment. To hear more of Ben’s work check out a game called Qube that is being released through Toxic Games and has been flagged as a serious game to watch out for. Big Ups

Jim McElvaney from Sebastian Canning on Vimeo.


~ by overlanda on September 5, 2011.

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