Melanin 9 (M9)

Melanin 9 (M9) is a UK hip hop MC who is part of the Triple Darkness collective. His style is incredibly dark and focuses on living in on the blocks, the harsh realities of life and occasionally ancient mythology. All of this is delivered with incredible phrasing and articulation. To top it all of he’s got famed hip hop producer Chemo to produce most of the beats on the album. This not only makes it a brilliant musical album for those that aren’t in it for the lyrics but it adds tremendously to the dark and somber tone of the album with swelling orchestral motifs and dark, eerie atmospheric pads.
I’ve found this album pretty hard to get hold of so i thought i would share the wealth by uploading a direct link to the album. Hope you enjoy it. One

~ by overlanda on February 11, 2010.

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