Chris "Daddy" Dave

Chris “Daddy” Dave is one of the most innovative drummers in the world at the moment. His ability to completely disregard the time, tempo and feel of a track and completely make it his own is unparalleled at the moment. I was lucky enough to see him play in London with the phenomenal pianist Robert Glasper and to say the least i was left speechless (forgive the pun). His ridiculously swung feel almost feels out of time and amateurish but in reality it’s incredibly hard to recreate this feel and entails a huge amount of feel, technical ability and discipline to recreate. He truly is at the forefront of creative drumming and with a session list as long as war and peace it’s not hard to see why. To check out his project ‘The Foundation’ follow the link below. There are also some videos of him playing with Robert Glasper that are a must see. Next level business a run.

>>>>The Foundation<<<<
>>>>Chris “Daddy” Dave<<<<
Check out how he manages to weave in and out of multiple feels in this piece. Stupid!

Find the one, and im not talking about the one behind the kit.

~ by overlanda on January 18, 2010.

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